Backyard Pickleball Court Dimension

Pickleball combines two or three games like tennis, ping- pong and badminton. Pickleball and tennis are similar, but one thing that makes them different is pickleball court size. Tennis courts are more extended and broader than pickleball courts. Pickleball players use light paddles and low-bouncing plastic balls, while tennis players use heavy racquets and rubbery tennis balls.

This article is beneficial for those who want to know about the pickleball court dimension and backyard pickleball dimension. This game has been viral in America and many other countries in the last few years.

So, people try to make pickleball courts in their backyards. And they are trying to find out the backyard pickleball court dimension. In this, you will eliminate all your confusion related to the backyard and outdoor pickleball court dimensions.

Backyard Pickleball Court Dimension

Backyard pickleball court dimensions or outdoor pickleball dimensions

If you decide to make a pickleball court in your backyard. Then the following things you must determine.

Determine your space 

First, determine the space where you want to make a pickleball court. And must keep in mind the following dimensions.

Choose court surface material.

If you are building a pickleball court in the backyard area, you must know which material to use. The standard type of material used for pickleball courts is the following.

  • Concrete: An outdoor or backyard court made of concrete is the best in terms of durability and value.
  • Asphalt: this type of surface is also suitable if you want to go to a more affordable range, but it can need additional upkeep.
  • Snap-together plastic: this surface can be applied over concrete and asphalt. And it can be helpful if you don’t want to permanently alter the multi-use court’s character.

Pickleball court fencing

Fencing is essential for multi-court pickleball as it contains the boundary in the playing area and provides security for players and spectators. Many different types of fencing can be used for pickleball courts. But the most common type of fencing is wire fencing. It is advantageous because it can allow light to pass through it. A contractor with information about the game and the material used can help you choose suitable fencing. But ensure that fencing is covered with rust-resistant material to protect players from injury.

Backyard Pickleball Court Dimension

Proper arrangement of lights

Lighting is a very crucial part of pickleball and any other game. All pickleball courts should have two 1,500-watt light poles. You should ensure that each pole is 18 to 20 feet high and mounties in the center.

Pickleball net system

After determining your space, surface and court material, fencing, and lighting, the next step is the pickleball net system. For this, you can also get help from some experts. There are different types of pickleball poles and systems to choose from, and all have other characteristics. A complete outdoor or backyard net system includes the following:

  • Two poles 
  • One ratchet
  • One outdoor pickleball net
  • sleeves 

Step up your pickleball court

The last step is to step up your pickleball court. The following things you must know before setting up your pickleball court.

  • Hire a professional contractor. 
  • Orient your court north-south
  • Court lines should be white and 2 inches wide.

Following steps you must keep in mind these 6 steps. It is very beneficial to make a backyard pickleball court.

Backyard pickleball court cost

   Building a pickleball court would be between $15 to $40 per square foot. This would average around $45k for a 30×60 pickleball court.

Key factors that affect the cost of the pickleball court 

  • Size of court
  • Preparation of the land: excavation and grading
  • Design, construction of the court, installation, and project management
  • Surfacing material 
  • Concrete, asphalt, or other subsurfaces
  • Lightning
  • Expenses of an expert

In short, the average cost of a pickleball court is between $15to 40 $ per square foot. But the following elements affect the price of the pickleball court. Because cost depends upon the quality of the material, it can increase and decrease according to the quality of the material.

Backyard pickleball and basketball court

Basketball courts have a three-point line of 40.5 feet, a regulation basketball court is 50 feet wide, and pickleball courts are only 30 feet wide. However, they are 60 feet long. We can also use the same basketball, pickleball, and tennis court.  In contrast, if you have enough room for a pickleball court, a basketball court would be cut off and have three-point lines at both ends.

Basketball courts have a three-point line of 40.5 feet, a regulation basketball court is 50 feet wide, and pickleball courts are only 30 feet wide but 60 feet long. The three-point line would be fitted by putting in a half-court for basketball.

Backyard sports court dimensions

Backyard dimensions of backyard basketball court

Ninety-four feet in length and 50 feet in width on the outer side. Half-court lines are located halfway between the two end lines.

Standard space for a backyard tennis court

The minimum length must be 120 feet, and the minimum width must be 60 feet, giving 72,00 square feet of the total area that is needed for the single tennis court.

Backyard pickleball court size

The backyard pickleball court size is 30 by 60 feet. It is the minimum recommended size of a pickleball court. That is one-fourth the size of a tennis court.

Pickleball court design

Constructing a pickleball court always demands that the design considers the sun’s orientation. The standard pickleball court must face a north-to-south direction whenever possible.
Making the court in this direction minimizes the sun’s glare during daytime play. Before starting the construction of your new pickleball court, read this guide and consult some experts.

Recreational pickleball court dimensions  

If you are a newly constructed pickleball court, it should be 34 feet wide(10.36m) and 64 feet long(19.5m).

If you construct the pickleball court for tournament play, the dimensions will be the same as the newly built court. But if you make a pickleball court for wheelchair play, it must be 44 feet wide(13.41) and 74 feet(22.56) long.

Outdoor pickleball court tape

There are many different types of pickleball court tape. For example

Pickleball outdoor cloth tape

This is a good court-lining solution for those who want a less temporary option and an outdoor playing surface. High-quality cloth and polyethylene coating are used to make this tape. Due to the minimal glossiness, this tape has little to no light reflectivity. This tape is also water resistant, both on the adhesive and the finish. But we should test this product on a small surface patch before application to find out the ease of removal. 

Heavy-duty court tape

This heavy-duty court tape is a great option for those who require something a little sturdier than the original one. And it is great for long-lasting outdoor court lines.

Diy backyard pickleball court

When creating a DIY pickleball court, it is important to know the correct specification of the court. The total playing surface of 30×60 is the minimum size that is recommended. And the standard size of the court must be 34×64 feet. The pickleball court is 13.4 long and 6.1 meters wide.


To conclude the above discussion, in this article, you will find the answers to all questions related to backyard pickleball court dimensions, like the difference between basketball and pickleball court, pickleball outdoor tape, backyard sports court dimensions and many other questions. This article will be helpful for all those people who want to make a new backyard pickleball court. And also who like this game very much.

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How much space is needed around a pickleball court?

You need 10 feet around each boundary line of the pickleball court to allow players to overrun the court and return their shots. To build a pickleball court correctly, ensure that you follow the rules and regulations of the pickleball associations.

What is the best surface for outdoor pickleball?

Both asphalt and concrete are good bases for pickleball courts. Before installing the base, review the surfacing requirements, as there are recommended slope, drainage, and surface finish specifications.

Can you play pickleball on any surface?

The lightweight wiffleball used in pickleball allows virtually any indoor or outdoor space to be used as a pickleball court. There have been successful conversions of tennis courts, basketball courts, and even gyms indoors.

How much space do you need behind a pickleball baseline?

A good out-of-bounds area should be allowed around the court. You should leave at least 5 feet behind the baseline and 14 feet on each side.

What is the standard pickleball net size?

In addition to being 22 wide and 36 high on the sidelines, our net system is also 34 high in the middle.

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