Small Pickleball Court Dimensions

This guide is beneficial if you are a pickleball player and want to build a small pickleball court. According to our recommendation, Small pickleball court dimensions are a minimum of 30’x60′. An average tennis court pad measures one-fourth of that size.

In this article, we will complete describing pickleball half-court dimensions. I am writing this article after completing practical knowledge, and I have been a professional pickleball player for the last three years.

After reading this article, I am 100% sure you can build your mini pickleball let’s get started.

What is a pickleball court?

A Pickleball court is a place where players play pickleball. It looks like a badminton court; its size is half a badminton court. The standard pickleball court dimensions are 20×44 feet. It includes a net system and court line and many other things.

Small pickleball court dimensions.

As we can estimate from the name small pickleball court is more minor than the standard one, and its dimensions are also less than the standard one.

Recommended Half-Court Pickleball Dimensions.

According to our recommendation, Small pickleball court dimensions are a minimum of 30’x60′.

Essential points that are included in mini pickleball court dimensions

  1. A small pickleball court is rectangular in size and 30 feet wide, and 60 feet long.
  2. The court size will not change for single or double both will be the same.
  3. For recreational playing, you can adjust it according to your space needs and availability.

Essential terms for smaller pickleball court size.

1- Length and width of small pickleball court.

  • 60 feet long total
  • 30 feet wide total

2- Total Measurements inside the court.

  • The distance from the net to the kitchen is 7 feet.
  • From the baseline to the kitchen, it is 15 feet.
  • There are 10 feet between each sideline and the centerline.

3- Net system measurements of the smaller pickleball court.

Net system dimensions will always be the same as standard and mini-court dimensions.

  • Standing at the sidelines, 36 inches high
  • At the middle, the height is 34 inches.

Mini pickleball court layout.

As we can see from bellow picture.

  • The right and left sides of the court are divided by non-volley zone from both sides’ service areas.
  • Non-volley zone is called the kitchen area.
  • The net system is present in between the non-volley zones.
  • The sideline is held perpendicular to the net side boundaries.
  • Service areas are box-like places on both sides of the center lines.
Small Pickleball Court Dimensions

Estimated cost for the mini pickleball court.

You must be ready for investment to build a pickleball court to refresh professional matches. Because the more you invest more you get advantages and fun.

The cost of a pickleball court depends upon your used materials and the quality of your services. In an estimate, you can build a pickleball court for 20k $ to 60k $.

It is easy for you if you have a badminton court, then you can easily convert it into a small pickleball court. Its cost starts from 10k $ to 12k$ dollars because some materials will reuse easily.

Essential things Required for building A Small pickleball court. 

Some important things are bellowed.

  1. Surface materials.
  2. Court fencing 
  3. Lights 
  4. Net systems


Surface materials.

You need to choose the best surface materials for your pickleball. It’s essential for the quality of your court and its layout. Its include.

  1. Concrete.
  2. Asphalt
  3. Snap-Together Plastic.

Court fencing.

  • Court fencing is an essential thing because the fence is protection between the ball and players, and viewers; also, it protects all.
  • Here one point needs to remember that a fine is always made of wire because we need to see outside the court.
  •  A company like North State Resurfacing can help you choose the proper fencing.
Small Pickleball Court Dimensions


If you want to play pickleball at night, you need to light the pickleball court. These light placements also have a standard format. Every course has two lights of 1500 watts light poles. The poles should be 18 to 20 feet high and mounted in the center, at least 24 inches from the court.

Small Pickleball Court Dimensions

Net systems

After all the arrangements last, you need the decide best net systems for the pickleball court. Net systems have different specifications for indoor courts and outdoor courts. Here are some essential specifications are bellowed for outdoor pickleball courts.

  • Two poles
  • One ratchet
  • One outdoor pickleball net
  • Sleeves (you may or may not need them)
Small Pickleball Court Dimensions

Important tips for selecting a place for a small pickleball court.

  1. The first and critical point to remember is when you select a court place for a small pickleball court. You always think about the location of the sun and the effects of shadow on your court
  2. Always select where  players won’t be looking at the sun.
  3. Do Not select a space where sunlight is meager. It’s for outdoors; lighting is essential if you want to build indoors.


We concluded that the standard pickleball court dimensions and Small pickleball court dimensions are very different from each other. Standard dimensions are 20×44 feet, while minimum pickleball court dimensions are 30’x60′. We also learn some sequential things for court setups, such as Surface materials, Court fencing, Lights, and Net systems, and the best tips on selecting the best place for our small pickleball court.

After reading this article, you are well-educated about half-court pickleball dimensions

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How can we Pickleball court dimensions double?

As we know, the standard pickleball dimensions are 20×44 feet which are 23.77m long and 8.23m in width. So if we play double matches, we need you to increase their width to 10.97m wide. In this way, we can Pickleball court dimensions double.

What are the dimensions of a half-pickleball court?

The half-court is 10 feet wide by 3 feet tall. Pickleball paddles and X-40 pickleball approved by USAPA are included.

Do pickleball courts come in different sizes?

One crucial point that distinguishes pickleball from other games is that its court size is always the same for a single or double match. USA Pickleball regulations require both courts to have a court dimension of 20 feet by 44 feet and a minimum playing surface of 30 feet by 64 feet.

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